Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Individual Reflection on Group Experience Essay

Individual Reflection on Group Experience - Essay Example As a result of a fact acceptance of the single mode of connectivity which has developed on the lines of internet powered virtual platform in various corners of the world, the world has been transformed into a single connected global entity. This has increasingly paved the way for easy synchronization of various trends related to globalization that are emerging from the different corners of the world. In discussing the trends of globalization, it has to be considered that in most cases, the trends originate from the developed countries and slowly gets diffused in the emerging economies. Because of this shift in trend, related to globalization, there is a continuous emergence of various business opportunities. Most of these business opportunities are highly innovative in nature, while some are routinely traditional in nature. However, the evolution of the new business opportunities simply represents the fact that various companies around the world will be trying to gain advantage of th e opportunity that is evolving in these new markets. So, automatically, this will fuel an increase in competition. Now, in order to gain an edge in the marketplace, with regards to the locally as well as internationally promoted competition, the organizations needs to have a very cost efficient structure of management. When an organization embraces a lean structure for employee management, it brings in the concept of getting more work done from the employees of the organization. Also, it has to be considered that in today’s highly connected global environment, employees of an organization are no longer bounded to their respective cubicles or workstations on a timely manner. Rather the concepts of flexi timing, work from home enables employees to stay connected to their workplaces through the virtual world on a minute and hour basis. However, despite organization and lifestyle based adjustments in the society, companies work in a structured and layered formation, when it comes to daily activities. Organizations have various divisions and groups of people who handle diversified job related functionalities for the organization, either being physically present or being virtually present. Often these groups needs to be directed and made to work in perfect synchronization with each other under the able leadership of a efficient team manager or team lead. While a team leader or a senior manager managing the group provides directional support, it is the members of the team whose seamless collaboration and cooperation with each other helps an organization of varying dimension to achieve its day to day objectives as well as short and long term goals. It can be stated in a very simple manner, that group work either in the physical or in the virtual mode promotes an environment where members of a group can effectively learn, collaborate and communicate in a very smooth manner. Effective and successful group work also helps in a great way in developing the morale of the employees of an organization which promotes an environment of physical as well as virtual workplace. In this particular case, the focus is on analyzing as well as studying the effectiveness of group work among a collective group of students who were made to work in a group format for the purpose of handling of assignments of an academic nature. Evolution of the group over the term From the theoretical point of view,

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