Friday, November 22, 2019

CONFLICT MANAGEMENT IN THE CHURCH Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

CONFLICT MANAGEMENT IN THE CHURCH - Essay Example nt and as such cannot cause conflict, in most cases, disregarding these sources creates bigger conflicts that could even contribute to bother breakup of the church. Although the church embraces morals in its operations, understanding the differences in the backgrounds of the members and leaders is important in dealing with conflict whenever they arise. Church attendance is one of the most important sources of conflict in the church. An increase and a decrease in people’s attendance in the church both have similar effects. They have a high likelihood of creating conflicts. While an increase in the number of people in the church raises an alarm to individuals holding leadership positions in the church, as they risk competition, a decrease in the attendance levels is an indication of poor leadership skills among the leaders (Turner 1991, p. 6). This could thus lead to a conflict between the members of the church and their leaders. Annual budget is yet another source of conflict in a church. Some of the people could have diverse views especially in the allocation of the total income of the church. Money, now more than ever, is a highly sensitive issue in the church. Budgeting should receive the approval of most of the members of the church, if not all (Spann & Wheeler 2010,  p. 241). Time changes for the leaders especially in addressing the members of the church is an important consideration too. Some of the leaders feel superior to others and thus regard them as coming later in the protocol. Time allocated to the leaders of the church to address the members of the church could also be a good breeding ground for church conflicts. When new influential people join the church, conflict is bound to arise. In most cases, these new people appear to receive more attention than the leaders of the church, something that would not go well with the leaders. Finally, the fear of the organization being out of control could be a source of conflict as the members deliberate on the

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